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Our Colorful World

Welcome to Jaybe Designs, a one-woman stationary shop featuring stickers, greeting cards and art prints. Amy is a speech language pathologist by day but by night, she is a digital artist and self-proclaimed paper enthusiast, bringing her shop a blend of creativity and practicality. With attention to detail and a touch of Dunder Mifflin humor, our handcrafted products will make you smile faster than a Michael Scott "That's what she said" joke.

At Jaybe Designs, we believe in the power of stationery to brighten your day, share love and affirming messages, and make you smile with a little sarcasm and a lot of The Office humor. Our stickers are UV printed, waterproof and dishwasher safe, and fade resistant, making them perfect for decorating your laptop, water bottle, or any surface that needs a pop of personality. Our cards are like the perfect office prank—heartfelt, unexpected, and guaranteed to make the recipient laugh out loud. And our art prints? Well, they're the Stanley Hudson of wall decor—classy, sophisticated, and impossible to ignore. When it comes to stationery, we're the Jim to your Pam, the Holly to your Michael, and the Dwight to your beet farm.

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